Vidyasagar Advance Education Society

The Vidyasagar Advance Education Society established in 2002. The Gyansagar Institute of Computer Science & application was established by Vidyasagar Advance Education Society in 2004. The Main aim of society is to educate to all by IT Technology. To brighten and secure the future of all communities and country, we have to concentrate our attention and energy for bringing up to all Indian. There is a good old proverb. The society aims at the wholesome development of the student with balanced personality based on moral values and principles.

The Institute offers diploma courses in PGDCA, DCA, other Govt. Certificate Courses and other useful certificate courses which are use full for all IT Sector and Govt. Purpose Job. With a glorious past of nine years the Institute enjoys the distinction of being one the pioneer institute in Jabalpur. Above all, the institute has well-qualified teaching staff that teacher the students with care and dedication.

Director's Message

Amit Jain Director

Welcome to Gyansagar Institute of Computer Science & Application, where academics and activities never end and the students are moulded as future technocrats and business leaders. The Institute works on the vision to become one of the leading centres of teaching. There Technology through total commitment towards quality education and training. We in still our students with the strength of character, self-confidence technical competence and leadership in management.

Further Gyansagar Institute of Computer Science & Application spares no effort to make its curriculum world class and deliver it in the most effective manner. It constantly scans the developments in Technology, Science and in society and tries proactively to meet the challenges. We propagate knowledge to the students with the help of dedicated faculty, state-of-the- Smart Class and well-equipped labs along with audio-visual theatre.

With the world, becoming a global village and globalization coupled with stiff competition is making its presence felt in our country, the need of the hour is to successfully meet such tests and challenges.

The institute has an enviable track record of academic excellence, which is coupled with hands-on industrial training, and innumerable industry -institute interaction, which makes each Gyansagar Institute of Computer Science & Application student ready to be absorbed in the company.

As a part of Gyansagar Institute of Computer Science & Application commitment towards quality technical education and excellence, we embarked on promoting Faculty Development Program, Seminars and Workshops, which will keep the faculty members and students abreast of their field.

"We wish All The Success God Bless You"

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  • Our Vision

    Our Vision is to impart best education to the student teachers for their academic excellence and inculcating National and human values in them through academic co-curricular and socially meaningful activities.

  • Our Mission

    The Mission of the Institution is to be an Institution of recognition and improve quality of life of the social fabric by development ability.

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Following are the major consideration addressed by the goal and objectives of Institution:

  • To improve the quality of teacher education.
  • To promote the role of education for National and International integration.
  • To create conducive atmosphere for the promotion of education by reaching it in the problem areas.
  • To give thrust to women education.
  • To develop among the teacher a feeling of dignity of labour.
  • To promote the cause of environmental protection.
  • To inculcate among the students the values as enshrined in Indian culture like Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina (Moral Values).
  • To keep the learners in constant touch with the happening taking place globally with the proper use of internet.